Board Game Projects:

Towers of Magic

Towers of Magic is a 2 - 4 player fantasy military strategy board game where you take on the role of a magic wielding commander of an army trying to eliminate your opponents.
Platforms:  Tabletop Board Game
Number of Players:  2 - 4
Game Length:  Undetermined

RetroMania: Arcade Building Board Game

Platform:  Tabletop Board Game
Number of Players:  2 - 4
Game Length:  30 - 40 mins per player

Computer & Video Game Projects

They Live Below

Community building simulation where you instruct a small group of creatures towards building an underground village. The theme is intended to be something of a mix between Lemmings and Fraggle Rock.
Platforms:  Windows, macOS, Linux
Number of Players:  1
Genre:  Simulation

Space Mercenary

Welcome to the far side of the galaxy...

You play as a soldier of fortune selecting contracts and going on missions for pay throughout the known galaxy. You decide the missions you will take and who you are willing to work for. Space is a boundless and trecherious place and you seek to carve out a living in it. As you play you will make enemies and allies so choose carefully as you start your carer as a Space Mercenary.
Platforms:  Windows, macOS, Linux, Game Consoles
Number of Players:  1
Genre:  Platform Shooter, Stealth, RPG

Galactic Xenocide

Lead your race to victory in the struggle for survival in this real-time tactical game.
Platforms:  Windows, macOS, Linux
Number of Players:  1 - 4
Genre:  Real-Time Strategy, Tactical

Subject 33

Trapped in someone's sick twisted military experiment, survive waves of combat robots and find a way to escape from your unseen captor.
Platforms:  Windows, macOS, Linux, Game Consoles
Number of Players:  1 - 4
Genre:  Maze, Top-Down Shooter, Stealth

Garland's Quest

Garland is on a quest to retreive his magic staff from the evil wizard Nem in this puzzle adventure set in a beautiful fantasy world.
Platforms:  Windows, macOS, Linux
Number of Players:  1
Genre:  Puzzle Adventure

Comic Book Projects:


Morally depleated pilot Rastla Nor is ambushed in a dogfight and crash lands on an unknown alien planet. After surviving the crash he is determined to setup an emergency beacon that will send an emergency signal to any ships of the Mari fleet. His journey takes an unexpected turn and we reveal flashbacks to moments in his past that tell his greater story as he ventures into even stranger adventures along the way.
Number of Pages:  9 completed
Genre:  Science Fiction

Older Game Projects & Prototypes:

Unknown Space

Develop and grow your faction's existance out into the unknown reaches of space. Explore, colonize, survive.
Platform:  Tabletop Board Game
Number of Players:  2 - 5
Game Length:  Undetermined

Garage Band Quest

Start a band in your garage. Write, practice and perform songs at gigs. Complete your album and the most popular record wins.
Platform:  Tabletop Card Game
Number of Players:  2 - 4
Game Length:  Undetermined

A Merchant's Adventure

Leave your old life behind to be the first to raise the coin required to set up shop in the capitol city.
Platform:  Tabletop Board Game
Number of Players:  2 - 4
Game Length:  Undetermined

Deadly Vacuum

Scrolling arcade shooter designed to be played in a physical upright arcade cabinet with coin-op and Free Play options. Collect cash and buy weapon, shield and engine upgrades.
Platforms:  Arcade Cabinet
Number of Players:  1 - 3
Genre:  Scrolling Shooter

Orbit Attack

Turn-based phsyics shooter for up to 8 players. Play in multiple modes, including standard tournament where you buy weapons and defence equipment and try to eleminate your opponents. Settings galore in this spiritual successor to the shareware classic Scorched Earth.
Platforms:  Windows, macOS, Linux
Number of Players:  1 - 8
Genre:  Turn-based, Physics Shooter

Video Battle Royale

Arena style top-down space shooter where you pilot one of a series of fighters equiped with a custom setup of weapons, shields, engines and other equipment. Designed to be played wearing oldschool 3D glasses, it uses a video filter to add a sense of depth to the player.
Platforms:  Windows, macOS, Linux
Number of Players:  2+
Genre:  Top-Down Scrolling Space Shooter

Iron Strike: Stormfront

Blast enemy tanks and helicopters in this look into a dark war-torn future where you lead a mission behind enemy lines for the Alliance against the power hungry Coalition.
Platforms:  Windows
Number of Players:  1
Genre:  Top-Down Shooter

Treasure Hunters: The Dark Labyrinth

Find treasure and adventure in this board game style game where you compete against other treasure hunters in a race to get back out of The Dark Labyrinth.
Platforms:  Windows
Number of Players:  1 - 4
Genre:  Turn-based, Board Game, Strategy


Aliens of many races invaded Earth. You are the leader of the last resistance left on the planet and you have to acquire and develop new technologies and weapons to fight them and take back the planet. Similar gameplay as UFO:Enemy Unknown in the global interface, combat happens on the world map in real-time.
Platforms:  Windows
Number of Players:  1
Genre:  Real-Time Strategy, Survival, Military Management

Team Collaborators:

Luis Zuno

Projects:  Space Mercenary
Contributions:  Sprite Graphics & Animation, Background Scenes
Location:  USA

Leonard Robel

Projects:  Garland's Quest, Subject 33, Space Mercenary
Contributions:  Concepts, Cover Art, Tile Graphics, Sprite Graphics & Animation
Location:  San Francisco, USA

Keith Burgen

Projects:  Space Mercenary
Contributions:  Tile Graphics, Logo Art & Design
Location:  USA

Zack Parrish

Projects:  Garland's Quest, Subject 33
Contributions:  Musical Score
Location:  Morristown, USA

Paul Nicholls

Projects:  Subject 33
Contributions:  Game Engine Programming, Coding Support, Testing
Location:  Hobart, Australia

Johannes Stein

Projects:  Garland's Quest, Galactic Xenocide
Contributions:  SVN Management, Platform Porting, Development Tool Support, Testing
Location:  Augsburg, Germany

Dirk Nordhusen

Projects:  Iron Strike: Stormfront, Treasure Hunters: The Dark Labyrinth
Contributions:  Character Sprites, Game Engine Programming, Graphics Programming, Development Tools, Testing
Location:  Bremen, Germany